RGM Wins Unanimous Texas Jury Awards $136 Million

We love sharing success stories about our clients. One of our clients of 3 years, Reese Gordon and Marketos, recently won a a two-week jury trial, a unanimous jury awarded a Texas Mercedes-Benz dealer more than $136 million in actual and punitive damages after finding that Mercedes-Benz USA and its representatives defrauded Carduco, Inc. d/b/a Cardenas Metroplex into a $7 million purchase of a Mercedes-Benz dealership that the owner, Renato Cardenas, Sr., intended to relocate to McAllen, Texas.

Pete and team used TrialSmart for the trial to display video and impeachment testimony and other evidence and we’re happy he did. Pete has been a great client and we’re happy for his verdict.

I’ve personally been in those courtrooms in Brownsville, Tx and in the Valley over 10 times and it’s a tough venue for using technology. So, we know Pete had his hands full. Most of the equipment has to be brought in and the courtrooms are small and the sight-lines are terrible. Most of the courtrooms have large pillars which block access and limit what technology can be used. However, it’s beautiful country and the people are fantastic and friendly.

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