Clarity Viewer Cont.

About a week into rewriting the code for the popular Clarity Legal Viewer, I’m pleased with the progress. The new version is now fully functional and has many new features. The app has a new interface (mentioned in a prior post) and many of the windows you saw before, will no longer be there. These windows have been incorporated into the application in other ways. Some have been removed entirely.

What I have added is the ability to highlight text in a transcript (CLT – Clarity Legal Transcript) and save the highlight for that transcript. Each highlight is contained in a report and is sorted chronologically. All the highlights are a nice robust yellow, similar to DepoSmart. You can also make notes within transcripts. Notes appear in blue and are a simple way of adding a notation to a piece of testimony. Adding notes is not a robust way of adding annotations (like you can in DepoSmart), but it gives the user an idea of what adding annotations would be like in DepoSmart.

Users can also share an existing transcript with other users and share their notes or highlights in a report or an exported file, if they wish to import them into DepoSmart or TrialSmart or share them with another DepoSmart or TrialSmart user.

BTW – The Clarity Legal Transcript is the only other competing format to PTX and is gaining popularity each month. RealLegal is a good company, but they have never truly supported Macs like they should.

If you’ve followed my company since 2004/2005 my mantra has always been “cross-platform” so I’ve delayed releasing apps for the iPad, iPhone, and Android because I was researching and testing code based applications and cross-platform tools to find the right one. That search is over, and I have begun coding. It simply took a while for the cross-platform programming languages to catch up, but they are here and they are very robust. The same code base can work on multiple platforms – desktop or mobile device.

So, all these changes to the existing apps are being made for a reason – simplifying the apps across multiple platforms. So, when you use DepoSmart for Mac, it will appear the same on the iPad, iPhone, or Android table, and on the web.

Check back in a few days. I am close to finishing the Clarity Viewer then I will discuss changes to DepoSmart and TrialSmart on Mac or Windows as well as other forthcoming apps.

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