iPad Mini’s Buries Larger iPad

I read 2 articles today regarding the latest sales number from Apple and there is a nice trend forming. It appears that the iPad Mini is burying the larger iPad in sales. There appears to be nothing stopping this trend either. If January is any indicator shipments of 9.7-inch tablet panels collapsed, falling to 1.3 million in January from 7.4 million a month earlier, DisplaySearch, a company that tracks these types of numbers closely. People are embracing the smaller iPad over the larger iPad.

What could make the picture even worse for the larger iPad is that 9.7-inch iPads sold this year will be the new variety, iPad 5, which is expected to have an iPad-Mini like design and be thinner. So, demand for the older 9.7 inch models will shrink dramatically.

So, it appears that the entire iPad line will get thinner and smaller. Overall, I’ve considered the iPad mini to be the REAL iPad. It’s easier to use and I love it. As soon as I got my hands on one, I purchased it and sold my large iPad. I found the 9.7 inch to big and bulky for my needs which is mainly consuming content (browsing, shopping, and answering emails).

What does appear to be an issue I see is since shipments of 9.7-inch table panels collapsed from 7.4 million in December to just 1.3 million in January, Apple’s previously intended mix of tablet sales is getting turned on its head. Apple planned to sell more of the large iPads than the smaller variety. This could eat into their margins considerably.

With eroding demand for larger tablet panels, it appears that consumers have turned to smaller hold-in-one-hand tablets which puts Apple in the same market as Android, Asus, and other suppliers thus IDC is reporting Apple’s market share dropped 10% in the last quarter in the table panel market.

Just some thoughts, but in the end more iPad users means more Mac and desktop users.

Clarity Legal