Another Win for a Great Client

We get several of these a month (3rd one this month) and occasionally I post them, this one is from a long time client, Kern Lewis. Kern was one of my first clients back in 2005, when I introduced TrialSmart on Mac OS 9 (long time ago). I was living in Dallas at the time and Clarity Legal was just a startup. I had just left Thompson and Knight where I worked for 8 years as Litigation Support Director and Trial Support Coordinator. Since Kern was so close to Dallas, I drove to Grapevine and trained him for an afternoon. Mostly we talked shop, trial methods, and how he did trials. I was instantly impressed with his office and his firm’s total support of Macs. Everyone had everything Mac. We laughed that between us we’d been in trial over 150 times. Basically, you couldn’t BS Kern. He knew how to go to trial so we instantly hit it off.

Kern is what I consider a specialist at trial work. Most trial lawyers are one in name only but Kern Lewis is actually hired to just go to trial. That is his practice. He gets called 3-4 weeks before a trial and takes over from the previous trial team. His firm is Lewis-Foreman-Daphinot.

About 3 weeks ago I received an email from Kern, he’d just updated TrialSmart and was ready for trial and had a few questions about moving databases from one system to another. Then a few days later he had some questions about a problem pdf that was not saving. I showed him how to handle the pesky pdf outside of TrialSmart since it was a Preview issue (not all pdfs are created equally). A few days later I received this email from him in the subject header:


As Kern was in trial I got another email from him, he was having issues with using dual monitors at trial and couldn’t figure out why the OS was not recognizing the second monitor. I showed him a few tricks to get it to work (you need the second monitor on the right in your system preferences). Then I didn’t hear from him for 2 weeks, then I got this email this morning:


Just wanted to say thanks again for your help during my three week trial. TrialSmart worked wonderfully and as usual, my only complaint is that I wasnt using the program for weeks before trial, to be more organized than I was. It was a wonderful feeling for me to be able to make an equal to or better trial presentation than the opposition consisting of three lawyers and a technology guy!

Happy to report I got a 5.1 million dollar verdict in my trucking accident – mild traumatic brain injury case.

Thanks again!!!

Lots of times as developers we like to tout our software, but really the software is a small fraction of what goes into a win – I can’t take much credit and I never do. The credit needs to go to the trial team, their staff, and their client’s faith and trust in them to take risks and present a great case to a jury.

Kern, congratulations to you and your client.

John Callis
Clarity Legal