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Clarity Viewer 1.5.2 Released

This morning I added a few features to the Clarity Viewer. Users can now go directly to the PTX Conversion for Macs page if they need, and they can also use a menu function now to view Clarity Viewer tutorials. Make sure to download your copy of the Clarity Legal Viewer today. Thanks, John Callis […]

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Clarity Viewer Mobile

I am pleased to announce news and screenshots about a new set of Clarity Legal apps for mobile users beginning this week with Clarity Viewer Mobile. While most developers are creating platform specific apps for the iPad (there are now 12 trial presentation apps on iTunes!!) or for a specific operating system, all other developers […]

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TrialSmart and DepoSmart Updated

I added a few bug fixes and improvements to TrialSmart and DepoSmart. TrialSmart had a bug when renaming video clips from with the video editor so I fixed that. There was also a minor bug when adding video clips to the a presentation group. In DepoSmart, I added the ability to export transcripts to text […]

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Clarity Viewer Mobile

I am happy to report that I should be able to release the Clarity legal Viewer (Mobile) in a few days. The web app works in Safari, Chrome, and Firefox and looks great in all 3.  This means you can view transcripts on your desktop, laptop, or mobile device using a browser. Here is a […]

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Clarity Viewer Web Details

I have spent the last 2 days adding more features and coding Clarity Viewer (mobile and web edition). The web version of Clarity Viewer is coming along nicely and I should be done next week. I’ll show off a few screenshots as well next week where I am using Chrome and FireFox as the default […]

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Clarity Legal Web Apps

Also, I am pleased to announce DepoSmart Web and Clarity Viewer Web features set for release on June 24. DepoSmart Web is a new product that allows you to use your web browser to handle all your transcript management needs. This means that you can use your iPad, iPhone, Android or any other tablet, your […]

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Website Update

This coming week I will have a new website update coming that will allow users to get to information quicker and easier than ever. This new website will help Clarity Legal get ready for some exciting offerings coming in the near future. Users will also see new training tools as well as new product information. […]

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