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iPhone 6 Could Cannibalize Sales of the iPad

If you’re like me, I like to keep my tech simple and reliable. I have an iPhone 5 and I like it but I am envious of my Samsung friends with larger phones for simple reasons – the font and pictures are bigger and playing games on the Samsung phone is much easier than on […]

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Twitter Struggling with New User growth

Shares of Twitter dropped more than 20 percent Thursday—a paper loss of $7.8 billion—after it reported sluggish user growth. The selloff was a sign that the social network will have a tough time regaining its stature with advertisers, at least until it releases better numbers. But the company said it averaged 241 million monthly users, […]

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LexisNexis Hacked

Identity theft service planted botnets in LexisNexis, other data providers Russian hackers have been stealing personal and financial data straight from information clearinghouses, reselling it in bulk. Kroll and Dun and Bradstreet were also hacked around the same time in June of this year. Read about it below:

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How to Upgrade to iOS 7 Right Now

For those of you wanting to upgrade to iOS 7 and don’t want to wait until the update is officially rolled out, here is a lifehacker article explaining how to upgrade. Me personally, I plan on waiting but if you must see what the new iOS looks like then here you go. How to Upgrade […]

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Freshbooks Comes to Android Phones and Tablets

Riding the wave of Android popularity and surging market share, FreshBooks has now released an Android version of their popular accounting software. You can check it out at their webpage (, it’s worth every penny. Using Freshbooks you can track clients, invoices, estimates, and many other clients about your clients. It’s a must for businesses […]

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How to Open Non-App Store Apps in Mac OS X

Once or twice a month I get an email from a user that downloaded a Clarity Legal application and when they open it up after downloading it, the OS tells them it can not install the application. Apple wants users to download apps from the App Store. That’s obvious so they’ve put in a trap […]

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Clarity Legal Invited to CLVS

I’m happy to report I’ve been invited to present at the April 2014 CLVS convention in Atlanta. Brian Clune has asked Clarity Legal to present TrialSmart and be part of a table discussion on trial presentation software and case management. TrialSmart will be included in the certification program for videographers who need knowledge of trial […]

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Apple cashes in but Google takes App Download Lead

An internet analyst, Canalys, on Monday issued a report on app downloads at four major mobile stores: Google (GOOG) Play, Apple’s (AAPL) App Store, Microsoft (MSFT) Windows Phone Store and Research in Motion’s (BBRY) BlackBerry World. Apple and Google dominated the downloads and revenue was up 9% with emerging markets showing the strongest growth. This […]

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Exactly how ginormous is Android?

I read a very informative article on Android’s growing market share. There is no denying that Android, Google’s operating system for mobile devices, is big. For example, Android is the OS on 42% of all consumer compute devices. We have scoured the web for data that will help us show exactly how big Android is […]

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Production Format Requirements

I recently gave a speech at the Tennessee Bar Association about how to better manage documents for trial and depositions and I focused on several areas. One of those areas was the image file requirements one should request and send from and to opposing counsel. I received a couple of emails last week from a […]

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Facebook Admits that Business Model is Losing Customers

You can read the full MailOnline article here Facebook has made the startling admission that teenagers are becoming bored with the social networking giant. Facing competition from younger, more agile and ‘cooler’ apps such as Snapchat and Instagram, Facebook fears its long-term business could be harmed. And as Facebook approaches its tenth anniversary the firm […]

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