Clarity Legal’s DocSmart

Document Review and Production Comes to Mac OS X!
DocSmart is Clarity Legal’s new production management system for the Mac OS X environment. DocSmart is a feature rich application for those users that want to completely manage the discovery and production of documents during the life of a case. DocSmart is specifically designed for law firms that want to manage production and document review! DocSmart is also a cost-efficient way to manage and review scanned paper or electronic documents for cases of all sizes from 100 pages to millions of pages.

Clarity Legal’s DocSmart is Compatible with these Operating Systems
Mac Snow Leopard LogoMac OS X Lion LogoMac OS X Mountain Lion LogoMac OS X Mavericks Logo

DocSmart Screenshots
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DocSmart Features
1. Easily create cases from saved database templates
2. Single/Server/Shared versions available
3. Server version allows for unlimited user connections
4. Import friendly CSV files
5. Create/Edit/Delete Document Tags
6. Native PDF Viewing (Mac Only)
7. Easy to use document viewer
8. Use Preview as a default image viewer
9. Easy-to-Use coding interface (spreadsheet or tabbed fields)
10. Simple installation
11. Combine relational searching with full-text searching to find a single word in thousands of records
12 Find words near each other in a document
13. Modify database fields to better suit production needs
14. Import OCR sets and overlay text documents into database fields
15. Produce documents in PDF Format
16. Convenient application updating so you always have the latest version
17. Easy to understand license/update pricing and discounts for existing DepoSmart/TrialSmart users
18. Add/Edit/Delete database files
19. “Zap” a database to remove all entries
20. Fast and simple database reporting (page numbering, horizontal and vertical lines, header color, footer and header text)
21. Index database fields and populate Database Word Dictionary
22. Go to a single record in a database table view
23. Export table view to CSV formatted text file
24. Save open databases as templates for later database duplication
25. Delete single records or records in batch
26. Globally edit database fields
27. Add records by director browsing thus population database records with existing images or pdf files
28. Batch add records to database for quick entry/coding
29. Perform form or full text searching
30. Query database records based on tagged documents
31. Import image records using csv files
32. Overlay existing image records using csv files
33. Batch edit image records
34. Verify image locations in bulk
35. Drag and drop image linking to database records
36. Append text to database field
37. Bates Number db fields
38. Clear database field contents in batch
39. Copy field data from one field to another
40. Prepend text to db field
41. Remove multiple lines of preset text from a database field
42. Trim text from field based on location
43. Add/Remove columns from database table view
44. Dozens of other features…

“DocSmart works great! We exported all 400 docs into 400 tiff files in about 2 seconds!!!!” – A.Sanderson

“DocSmart would be the way to go on a Mac.” – Macs In Law Office

I must say… I’m thoroughly impressed with DocSmart. A few years back I priced out Summation for the firm and for just the stock setup, it was going to run $20,000. Way too much for what I needed but nothing out there really fits what I was looking for. Of course, it took purchasing a Mac to find your product. Amazing for the price.

Need to connect multiple users to the same DocSmart database?
Clarity’s SQL Server allows you to connect an unlimited number of users to a database, and allows you to share existing databases easily.

If you have any further questions regarding DocSmart, please contact us.