Clarity Legal’s SQL Server

CLarity Legal’s SQL DBMS is a fully featured and high performance relational database management system for managing your DepoSmart, TrialSmart, and DocSmart databases.

Clarity’s SQL Server Application is based on a powerful, public-domain database engine widely used by Google, Sun Microsystems, McAfee, Mozilla Firefox and Apple.

Expand Easily with A Server Application to Suit Your Need!
Yes, we have options. You heard it right. This means you can grow at your own pace. We have several different configurations you can implement to fit your growing practice. Once you purchase the server, you have the ability to expand at your leisure. No required “bulk” purchases of licenses is required like our competitors.

Clarity Legal’s SQL Server Application is Compatible with these Operating Systems
Mac Snow Leopard LogoMac OS X Lion LogoMac OS X Mountain Lion Logo

Clarity Legal SQL Server Application Configurations (Mac OSX or Windows)
Up to 3 concurrent desktop connections: $750.00
Up to 5 concurrent desktop connections: $1000.0
Up to 10 concurrent desktop connections: $2000.00
Up to 20 concurrent desktop connections: $4000.00
Unlimited desktop connections: $4500.00

Easy Maintenance and Migration
Easy migration, you pick the OS! If you have a single user database simply move drag it onto the Clarity SQL Server Application database folder and it’s immediately available to your networked users. This means you can turn any single user DepoSmart, TrialSmart, or DocSmart database you have already have into a networked version within minutes. It is as easy as copying and pasting a database into a server folder.

Reliable and fast and Easy to Administer
Clarity’s SQL Server Application is both highly reliable and fast. You never have to compromise. Installing the server is incredibly easy, it requires no special hardware. You will have it up and running in less than five minutes. Again, there is no hardware to install. And maintaining your server databases has never been easier or cheaper. The server has a friendly graphical interface so anyone with minimal technical experience can administer 1000s of cases.

Clarity’s SQL Server Application Features
1. Servers for DepoSmart, TrialSmart, DocSmart, and Clarity Legal’s Timeline
2. Easy-to-Use interface allows those with little technical experience to manage hundreds of cases
3. Easily create or delete databases from the server
4. Set user permissions by database
5. Upload single user or network cases
6. Download network cases to a local directory
7. Edit user name and case permissions
8. View detailed server and user information and connections
9. Easily start and stop the server with the click of a button
10. Manually backup databases
11. Create a backup schedule to run automatically each day at a specific time
12. Unlimited connections to the database, so hundreds or thousands of people can connect
13. Secure and stable SQL database back-end
14. One step sharing
15. Reliable and fast
16. Restore points
17. Fully ACID compliant
18. Dozens of other features…

If you have any further questions regarding Clarity’s SQL Server, please feel free to email us.