Clarity Legal’s Timeline

Clarity Legal’s Timeline For the Mac
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1. Compatible with most Mac operating systems
2. Easily add new timelines using a toolbar or menu option
3. Have thousands of timelines
4. Network timelines with other users using the Clarity SQL Server
5. Automatically load up the last timeline you were editing
6. Multiple preferences for changing the timeline toolbar
7. Hot keys for advancing or rewinding dates in presentation mode
8. Multiple preferences for changing the timeline background – solid color, gradient, or add an image as your background
9. Add dates in multiple formats
10. Multiple formats for changing date color and style
11. Easily change the date format from several different styles
12. Double click on any date entry to edit the time entry
13. Add a description to each date entry
14. Create a “timespan” or a reference between two different dates
15. Copy and paste dates for easy date entry
17. Remove date entries with the click of your keyboard
18. Add more or more timeline titles
20. Add image links to date entries
21. Add video links to date entries
22. Play video clips from date entries by clicking on a simple icon
23. Powerful printing of all timelines to any paper size you wish
24. Create screenshots of the current timeline view
25. Add random dates to the timeline to “expand” the timeline view
26. Shrink dates from the timeline to “retract” the timeline
27. Import dates from a Tab Delimited or Excel file (Beg Date, End Date (Optional), Description, File Link (Video or Image File)
28. Apple color, stroke, date format and many other preferences in Batch to as many dates as you wish
29. Batch delete dates if needed
30. Resize date entries and place them anywhere near the required date
31. Open linked images or exhibits from each individual date entry and present it to an audience
32. Add headers and footers to timelines
33. Add gradients to timeline bars and timeline dates
34. Export your timeline preferences to a template file
35. Autosave all timeline positions and date destinations

…and more features to come!