Clarity Legal’s TrialSmart

The Top Trial Presentation Package on Mac OS X
TrialSmart, Clarity Legal’s popular trial presentation software, and one of Apple’s top specialized legal applications. Nothing compares to the look and feel of this program. TrialSmart is compatible with numerous video and image formats, including *.mpg and *.pdf. And because it’s easy enough for attorneys without much technical expertise to use, the software is helping counsel win trials. Hundreds of new features were added in 2011.

Clarity Legal’s TrialSmart is Compatible with these Operating Systems
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TrialSmart Screenshots
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TrialSmart Features
1. Entirely redesigned interface
2. Dual and single monitor support
3. Display documents (pages) side by side
4. Export individual video clips to mpg format
5. Tiff, PNG, JPG, and BMP now supported
6. Improved querying and querying reporting
7. Filter transcripts while querying
8. Convenient transcript list containing all the transcripts in 1 case
9. Create text clips for use in impeachment.
10. Improved Path Editor for locating cases from one HD to another
12. Link to and create external databases (Dropbox Users)
12. Improved exhibit/document import
13. Improved video clip creation window and functionality
14. Import video clip lists into TrialSmart automatically
15. Totally customizable annotation arena – set Annotation transparency
and color for the following annotation types:

  • Highlight
  • Arrow
  • Line
  • Rectangle
  • Redact
  • Freehand
  • and Circle

16. Convenient hot keys to perform on the fly annotating
17. S key saves all annotations for easy retrieval
18. Preview and annotate exhibits before showing them to a jury
19. Streamline video clip group playback for perfect clip presentation
20. Save printing themes for quick printing of transcripts in a defined format
21. Code Admitted/Not-Admitted for individual exhibit pages
22. Add descriptions to individual exhibit pages and video clips
23. One key removal of all onscreen annotations or magnifications
24. Screenshot capability so you can save exhibits and callouts
25. Convenient color markers
26. Change any color of any annotation realtime using an on-screen color toggler
27. This new version now works on Windows and Linux
28 Improved reporting throughout the application
29. Send any exhibit, video clip or text clip to the presentation area with the click of a button
30. Create special video group for playing video clips back to back
31. Create video clips without the use of synched transcript testimony (surveillance video, etc.)
32. Resize video playback and turn transcript text on/off during playback
33. Display documents and video at any output LCD or projector resolution
34. Hundreds of other features…

“I have used TrialSmart for several years and in at least 5 lengthy jury trials. It started out good and keeps getting better. There is a learning curve, but you can be up and running after experimenting for an afternoon. For playing video depositions with text, there is simply nothing close on any platform for price/performance ratio. The developer, is very responsive.”

Nothing compares to the look and feel of this program. It’s compatible with numerous video and image formats. And because it’s easy enough for attorneys without much technical expertise to use and it is Mac OS X based, it is the perfect tool for trial presentation. TrialSmart is available for the Mac-Intel operating systems and integrates with existing DepoSmart cases.

Need to connect multiple users to the same TrialSmart database?
Clarity’s SQL server allows you to connect unlimited number of users and allows you to share existing databases easily, regardless of platform. Users can now share the same data easily and securely.

If you have any further questions regarding TrialSmart, please contact us.