We have provided this free service for over 8 years and we feel it is now time to discontinue this service.

To convert your PTX files to a format you can use on your Mac please contact Thomson West or your court reporter and ask for an ASCII text file or a PDF file. We will leave this page up for a few days then remove it permanently.

To convert your PTX files to CLT format, use the form below. This is a free service we offer. The conversion of your PTX file to CLT format will allow you to view your CLT file in DepoSmart, Clarity Viewer, and TrialSmart. All files are processed in the order in which they were received. All corrupt or password protected PTX files are discarded. PTX files are converted to CLT files based on the order in which they were submitted.

Why is Clarity Legal’s CLT format superior to RealLegal’s (Thomson West)? Clarity Legal’s CLT format is superior to RealLegal’s PTX format because Clarity Legal’s CLT format can work on 3 platforms, while RealLegal’s PTX file only works on the Windows operating system. So you can share your CLT files with other users on other platforms.

PLEASE READ – GMAIL,HOTMAIL,and YAHOO EMAIL ADDRESSES ARE NO LONGER ACCEPTED. Please use a business email account or an education account to submit your ptx files for conversion.

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