We have provided this free service for over 8 years to all users that owned our software and unlicensed users and we feel it is now time to discontinue this service. If you receive PTX files from a court reporter we recommend you ask them for ASCII files with the specs below. These will work in almost any transcript application on the planet, at least the good ones anyway:

1. Page Numbers on all pages

2. ASCII page breaks on all lines where a page break is needed

3. Line numbering on all lines of a transcript. (For reporters choosing to suppress line numbering on printed caption and/or other starting pages should create ASCII file with line numbering on
all pages.)

4. No time stamps in the file either in the right or left margin

5. No running headers or footers on numbered transcript lines. If using a header on line 1, remove the header and leave the line blank. Having a running header interferes with accurate searching.

6. Multiple volumes of a witness should have continued pagination

7. Consistent exhibit references to facilitate exhibit linking (Exhibit 1 not Exhibit No. 1)

8. Header and Footer information should not appear on the same line as page numbers.

9. For transcripts that are in page image format, all page numbers should be at least 45 spaces from the left

– Clarity Legal (June 2014)