Upgrade License

If your software is more than a year old you can purchase a new updated version of the application below.

Bundler (Court Reporting Software)
Bundler – $49

DepoSmart (Transcript Management)
DepoSmart – $99

TrialSmart (Trial Presentation Software)
TrialSmart – $150

DocSmart (Document Review)
DocSmart – $200

Clarity Legal’s Timeline (initial release was in April, 2012 so there is no update needed for current customers until April of 2013)

Unlike other legal apps on the App Store or the iPad, at Clarity you can test the apps before you purchase. You can download any of our apps here. When you purchase an app from us we assume you have tested the app and you are prepared to purchase. No refunds are granted after purchase. Again, please demo our app before you buy.

Clarity Legal uses the credit card processing services of PayPal. PayPal currently processes over 232 million transactions a year. Clarity Legal has been a trusted PayPal vendor since 2005.